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Merafe people solutions is about the people, our focus is mainly to assist individuals to develop their talents, skills and maximize their expertise to achieve their maximum potential. We also partner with employers to assist in identifying challenges within their organizations that might contribute in lack of performance from their employees.

About Merafe People Solutions

The organization is aimed at developing people by developing individualized strategies to help people maximize their potential, the targeted people for these solutions could be employed individuals wanting to excel and grow within their respective organizations, new graduates wanting to enter the market or even aspiring and developing entrepreneurs.


The Name:
Merafe is a Sotho term for nations and it talks to the fundamental principles of the organization being the people that make up the nation. Our solutions talk to creating sustainable and accelerated nations through its people.

Our Mission
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To create successful individuals in all spheres of their lives


Providing support to individuals to unlock their maximum potential for professional and personal acceleration.

• Empower
• Passion
• Growth

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